Resume of Larry Blische · October 2009

7910 West Lake Drive · Lake Clarke Shores, Florida 33406 · USA


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I have experience programming at the application level, operating system level, and embedded system level on a variety of hardware platforms. I am self starting, have excellent listening, programming and debugging skills, good documentation skills and possess the ability to quickly come up to speed on a project and on new technology. Among my strongest design and programming strengths is my ability to maintain an overall system view while engineering the detailed solution to a specific problem.

Programming Languages and Applications

I have programmed in several languages over the years. Programming in C since 1982, I have become expert while using several compilers: Microsoft-C, UNIX-C, Whitesmiths, Lattice, Borland-C, and VAX-C. More recently I have used Microsoft Visual-C++ under Windows XP and the GNU Objective-C++ compiler on NEXTSTEP.

I am familiar with assemblers for several processors in both the Motorola and the Intel families. Also DEC MACRO-11 assembler and others. I have a good understanding of C compiler code generation issues.

I am expert with the UNIX shell and text utilities such as SH, CSH, KSH, AWK, SED, GREP and PERL. For application development I have used the SQL database query language with X and MOTIF. In the past I have developed client/server applications using TCP/IP sockets and RPC protocol between Sun workstations. I have programmed with the Adobe PostScript page description language to produce high quality graphically orientated documentation from within applications. I have converted several legacy applications to PERL and used it with SQL/Plus in an HP-UX systems administration environment. I am currently learning PERL-CGI and PHP.

I have used Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and VISIO, as well as other drawing applications to produce documentation, including data flow diagrams, program flow and state transition diagrams. I have written web pages directly using HTML as well as written scripts which automatically produce HTML documents from C source code and other sources of data such as relational databases.

Computer Operating Systems Experience

Over the course of 14 years I have used several variants of UNIX including SCO OpenServer, NEXTSTEP 3.3, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Berkeley BSD 4.2/4.3, SunOS, Solaris, Ultrix, AT&T System V Release 3, and Masscomp Real Time UNIX. I am proficient with Windows NT, Windows 98/95 and MS-DOS, and I have experience with OS/2 and OS-9. Many years ago I used RSX-11M extensively and more recently have used OpenVMS on DEC VAX and Alpha computers. At various times during my career I have also designed, modified and used several proprietary microprocessor based operating systems. I have written several device drivers and programmed computer peripheral interfaces using interrupt handlers and DMA channels.

Computer Hardware Experience

My hardware experience includes Sun, DEC, HP, IBM, and NeXT workstations, Intel PCs, DEC PDP-11 and VAX mini-computers and Alpha workstations. I have used Intel Multibus with 8080/80x86 family processors and Motorola MC680x0 family processors and I've done embedded work with several proprietary microprocessor based systems including 6502s and NEC V20 and V30 processors.

Current Position

Senior Analyst · The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts · 7/2002 - now

My duties at the Kravis Center involve user and system support and the development of enterprise automation software. I have written replacements for several legacy applications including: a room scheduling system (PERL), an usher scheduling system and our finance system (PHP4).

Previous Positions

Consultant/President · LKB Associates, Inc. · 1/1991 - now inactive

In early 1991 I founded LKB Associates, Inc. and have been an independent consultant. I have consulted on and developed many projects and enjoyed working with Fortune 100 companies such as Texas Instruments, United Parcel Service, Motorola and medium sized companies such as DirecTV, GSE Process Solutions and the start-up company Tate Integrated Systems.

My work involved porting a VMS/Oracle based industrial control batch recipe processing application to the Windows NT/SQL Server 7.0 environment and creating SQL stored procedures as well as developing a OBDC based API library.

Recently I took over and completed the refurbishment of a UNIX X/Motif based program scheduling application. This multiple task, message passing application was debugged, cleaned up, made to perform according to spec, enhanced to meet new requirments, and finally deployed over my clients WAN to locations in several countries.

Also recently I designed and implemented a UNIX based user account reporting system. The system involved accessing user account information from a 100+ machine network and storing it into an Oracle database. Reports are written using this data which help the system administrators keep track of over 2000 user accounts.

On an extreamly tight schedule of six weeks, I authored an X/Motif application on AIX which was the front end for a set of Korn shell scripts that implemented a development/QA/production code management system.

My largest installed base (tens of thousands of copies) is an embedded relational database engine that provides a subset of SQL functionality. I co-developed this with my client. This database engine is used by a team of approximately fifteen application developers. This codebase was subsequently ported to a completely different CPU architecture with almost zero rework. I also developed the idea for an embedded C/C++ application profiler which provided critical timing information down to the function level. This tool was used by the developers to tune the performance of the application software. Another joint effort which I proposed was an analysis tool that captured information about embedded application failures. The information collected on the embedded system was converted to a meaningful format on a PC and was used by the developers to make corrections to their software. I also wrote an application that this client used to publish the details of it's database schema by converting the schema into a set of Intranet based HTML documents. Another project involved writing a set of filters which extracted functional descriptions, implementation comments and source code control information from C source code and made it available on the company Intranet. This client also employed me to make modifications that provided a ram file system and file transfer enhancements.

I have worked with a team writing an X / Motif based front end to an SQL database to produce a process recipe management application for the process control industry. I worked on a TCP/IP and RPC based client/server Tankfarm/Fuel distribution system for the US Navy. I did extensive modifications and enhancements to one clients X Window graphics editor and helped with another's legacy graphics console conversion to X / Motif.

To automate various aspects of my business I developed several NEXTSTEP applications. These applications represent my foray onto the new Apple Macintosh MacOS X platform.

Consultant/Vice President · The Computer Engineering Group · 6/1986 - 12/1990

In June of 1986 two partners and I started The Computer Engineering Group, Inc.

Our goal was to provide our clients with relatively short term help during periods when they needed either expertise they didn't have in-house or when they were simply short handed. During this four and one half year period I usually consulted alone working with the federal government's Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Fortune 100 Texas Instruments, the Fortune 500 Becton-Dickenson, the medium sized Johns Hopkins Hospital and EOG, Baltimore, and the start-ups Intellution in Boston and Digitrol in Baltimore.

These clients provided me with many projects. I designed and developed embedded software on an automated DNA thermal cycling machine for law enforcement applications. On a gas pipeline system in India I remotely analysed and repaired a distributed client/server application problem. I wrote software which was part of a data acquisition system on the Southern Natural Gas company's off shore drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. I made modifications to the continuous slab caster control software for the Bethlehem Steel Company. For the FAA I worked with a team developing a computer terminal emulation and archival system. One client asked me to setup a source code control system for their development team. I wrote an embedded implementation of the Kermit file transfer protocol for an automated medical diagnostic machine. I've converted C applications from DOS to both VMS and UNIX and performed C compiler compatibility studies for a client. I documented the design and implementation of the CPRC (see above) operating system for the Department of Energy. I wrote security badge reader software and integrated it with a database system. I developed robotics and process recipe management software. With a partner I studied the feasibility of doing graphic image capture in a nuclear medicine application.

R&D Systems Engineer/Manager of R&D · CPRC · 8/1982 - 6/1986

I was the tenth employee of this start-up company which was an R&D center for Computer Products of Pompano Beach, Florida. At CPRC I helped to design and implement a distributed process control system built around the Motorola MC68000 microprocessor, various Intel Multibus products and PDP-11 and VAX-11 mini-computers. This work included the setup of a complete software development environment including the specification and selection of cross development tools such as assemblers, compilers, and debuggers. I then used these tools to design and implement an interrupt driven multi-processing real-time executive and various device drivers including serial and parallel devices. I also worked on hard disk and file system logic, and DMA and multi-ported memory interfaces.

I provided technical feasibility studies and did the design and implementation on many process control related subjects including: distributed database access, batch language capability, operator console interfaces, bit-mapped color graphics generation and uses, process alarm distribution, and high-speed data collection and archival. I taught courses in system operation and development to both customers and staff. Before leaving the company I became the manager of five software developers.

Systems Engineer/R&D Systems Engineer · EMC Controls · 2/1979 - 7/1982

After receiving my degree in December of 1978, I started my professional career at EMC Controls, an industrial process control software company. After a brief evaluation period I was assigned to the team that was responsible for the standardization and maintenance of the EMCON-D distributed process control product software. This system was comprised of a network of PDP-11 hosts and several Intel 8080/8085 based communication, process control, and display computers. I wrote software for chemical, petroleum, and machine control systems. I worked with the team of software engineers that developed a batch recipe management system. I was promoted to the R&D group where I developed historical trending and graphics display and editing applications for the companies next generation product, the EMCON D/3.


In 1978 I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at the University of Maryland at College Park. During the period from 1980 to 1982 I worked on a Masters degree in Computer Engineering at Loyola College in Baltimore. At Loyola College I received credits in Digital Circuit Theory, Software Design, Microcomputer Systems, Automated Data Collection, and Linear Circuit Analysis. I stopped my Masters study due to the lack of time when I started working at CPRC. Recently I have successfully completed a 2D Design ART studio class at Essex Community College in Baltimore which I hope will enhance my web designs.

I am currently not pursuing any higher degrees.

References available upon request